Top Two Bottom Cleaning Service

Why choose us?

Top Two Bottom Cleaning Services offers affordable services like no other company in the area! We are a 1 or 2 person team depending on the size of your home that has cleaning experience. We will clean anything from under the rim of your toilet to the cobwebs in the corners of your home. We truly clean from top to bottom, ANYTHING! 

What you can expect from Top Two Bottom


-disinfect countertops, tables, chairs, cabinets

-clean inside microwave

-shine all chrome on faucets, cabinets knobs, and stainless steel

-clean window above sink and patio doors

-vacuum rugs

-clean the outside of all appliances (large and small)

-load dishwasher

-remove trash

-hand wipe floors


-disinfect countertops, cabinets, toilets, tubs

-scrub grout in showers

-fold towels and toilet paper

-vacuum rugs

-remove trash

-scrub under the rim of toilets

-clean under all items on vanity


-shine all chrome on faucets and knobs

-hand wipe floors


-dust all rooms

-remove items from shelves and dust under them

-dust window sills and blinds

-dust all wall hangings including pictures, mirrors and decoritive items

-make beds/change linens (only if beds are stripped and clean linens are left out)

-dust baseboards

-remove cobweb

-remove trash from all rooms


-vacuum all rooms

-edge along walls and baseboards

-vacuum under furniture that is easily movable with one hand

-vacuum under chairs and tables

-vacuum all rugs throughout your home

Laundry room:

-dust and wipe down outside of washer and dryer

-clean and disinfect sanitary tubs

-shine all chrome and knobs

-hand wipe floor